Swirk IT Solutions was a one man show for a long time. Providing over 145 customers with A+ service only with one set of legs was a hard challenge. Business was booming but Swirk IT was having issues expanding/keeping up with demand due to being so caught up in day to day operations. As of August 15th, 2019 CyberLynk acquired Swirk IT hosting and IT consulting customers and has hired the owner Dylan Swirkowski to manage CyberLynk’s IT Consulting division. Now with a team of highly trained individuals and multiple trained advanced support engineers under one roof Swirk IT doesn’t have the problem of being too busy anymore. CyberLynk welcomes Dylan Swirkowski and the entire Swirk IT client base to CyberLynk.

For more information regarding Swirk IT Solutions LLC and CyberLynk hosting & IT Consulting services please contact us today.