The City of Racine announced today that they have deployed their first “Wi-Fi” Hotspot. The Cities Festival Hall, located at 5 Fifth Street, Racine, WI, will be the recipient of the new “Wi-Fi” service. The “Wi-Fi” project is a joint effort between the City of Racine and CyberLynk, a local Internet service provider. The service is provided “Free-of-charge” to exhibitors and visitors. The City is please to say that no tax dollars were involved in implementing the new service.

The new “Wi-Fi” service provides a great benefit to those who rent the hall for trade shows, meetings and festivals. They get high-speed broadband connectivity as part of the hall rental cost and there are no additional charges. In addition, the service supports a large amount of users, which is great for trade shows like the RAMAC Business Expo.

The “Wi-Fi” technology works a lot like a cordless phone. Any computer or hand-held device that has wireless technology (802.11b enabled) and is within range of the “Wi-Fi” Hotspot can access it. The service boasts speeds of 1000K, which is roughly 35 times faster than a typical dialup Internet connection. The system receives connectivity via a high-speed microwave link provided by CyberLynk.