As CyberLynk celebrates 25 years in business we also take time to reflect on where we came from and what the future holds for us. From a small local Dialup Internet Provider in Racine, Wisconsin in 1995 to a large hosted application provider with multiple datacenters twenty five years later.

CyberLynk has a team of highly skilled engineers that help to maintain hundreds of Linux and Windows servers across multiple brands within the CyberLynk Family of companies. Whether you need dedicated servers, Spam/Virus Filtering, offsite Data Backup, Website/Email Hosting, colocation, unmanaged hosted phone systems, completely managed hosted phone systems or website design; CyberLynk can make it happen.

CyberLynk is home to numerous hosting solutions for any type of business or reseller. How successful CyberLynk has been over the years is a testament to not only the latest solutions CyberLynk has created and implemented but also to the outstanding customer service our company is known for providing. Give us a call (1-800-862-5965) today and talk to our experienced IT representatives to answer any questions or go into more detail about many solutions CyberLynk has to offer.