CyberLynk has partnered with Research In Motion (RIM) to bring you the BlackBerry™ wireless Email solution. BlackBerry™ provides effortless, mobile access to your email and organizer, allowing you to stay connected and productive when you are away from your desk.

BlackBerry™ provides a ‘real-time’ connection to Internet Email and other organizer functions. Easily synchronize with desk-top data maximize productivity. Unlike Email to your cell phone using SMS which is limited to 120-150 characters, BlackBerry™ provides plenty of storage for complete Emails, with an easy to use interface. Unlike other PDA solutions with wireless capabilities, BlackBerry™ is always connected to the wireless network. There is no need to raise an antenna and check for your Email – it is sent to your BlackBerry™ ‘real-time’! And the speed at which Emails are transferred is much faster than other technologies as well.

For more information on BlackBerry™ and this exciting new technology, visit their web site and then contact CyberLynk Customer Service at