Racine – Monday, April 10, 2000 – CyberLynk Network, Inc. a regional Internet Service Provider headquartered in Racine, Wisconsin, today announced the introduction of a new bundled DSL service called WOWDSL. WOWDSL is a unique “Digital Subscriber Line” service targeted at small and medium business customers. WOWDSL provides a complete “packaged” approach for Internet and DSL services.

According to Michael Hobach, president of CyberLynk, “There are many new resellers of cheap DSL popping up; many don’t have their own network or offer anything other than DSL. CyberLynk has been providing complete business Internet solutions since 1995 and the WOWDSL service product was created specifically with our business customers in mind. Our WOWDSL service is cost effective for businesses, unlike some providers offering DSL at a low introductory price but with an overall high end–cost to the business.”

CyberLynk bundles everything most businesses need into one package with one bill. The WOWDSL package includes a high-speed full-time connection to the Internet, a virtual server configured to handle the company web site, mail server, FTP server and more. Also included is Toll-free access for the executive that travels and dial-up accounts that can be used to access the Internet from home anywhere in CyberLynk’s service coverage area.

“CyberLynk corporate services are unique because we include all of the services that other providers either don’t offer, or they charge extra for”, Hobach said. “With WOWDSL, all of this is included on one combined bill, usually for a price of much less than the cost of the competition’s itemized introductory price.”

CyberLynk is offering WOWDSL throughout Wisconsin and major metropolitan cities throughout Northern Illinois. Service offerings include speeds from 384Kbps through 7Mbps. CyberLynk, with its corporate office located in Racine, Wisconsin, provides complete Internet services to Corporations, Governments, Schools, and other Internet Service Providers. Details about WOWDSL can be found at the new website designed specifically for this product: www.wowdsl.com.