CyberLynk is pleased to announce the launch of their Nationwide Spam and Virus Filtering service. With dedicated Spam server banks located in both their Chicago, IL and Racine, WI data centers, CyberLynk is well equipped to filter Spam and Viruses for small local companies to large enterprise organizations. Boasting a 95% plus filter rate, CyberLynk is ranked among the top ISP’s in area.

Adam Hobach, Engineering Manager at CyberLynk said: “All the filtering is done automatically at one of our two data centers. It only takes about two second to filter each email message and during that two seconds, each email is run through approximately sixty-seven tests to determine if it is Spam and/or contains a virus. One of the best things about our service is that customers don’t need to purchase any hardware or software. It’s a completely managed service!”

CyberLynk has been providing Spam and Virus filtering to their local customer base since June of 2002 and launched to promote this service on a national basis. For more information and to calculate your ROI (Return-on Investment) please visit: