On September 20, 2003 CyberLynk took a drastic move and launched its Toll-free dialup Internet service to a national audience. The new Toll-free dialup service permits customers to use a single toll-free (800) number to access the Internet, anywhere in the United States. It eliminates the need to find a local access number every time you change cities.

Karl Radke, Director of Business Development for CyberLynk said: “We are no longer tied to Southeast Wisconsin. We can now go beyond our borders and provide toll-free dialup services anywhere in the continental U.S. The opportunities are virtually unlimited! With the numerous service programs available, we can provide solutions to just about any size company.”

To find out more about CyberLynk and their toll-free dialup Internet service, please visit http://www.tollfreedialup.com or call 1-800-862-5965.