On November 29, 2003, CyberLynk completed a scheduled network equipment upgrade at their POP located in Gurnee, IL. The new equipment deployed consisted of high-end Cisco routers and switches. The network upgrade affects all customers’ services out of the Gurnee, IL POP.

Adam Hobach, Engineering Manager at CyberLynk, said: “The equipment upgrade would provide CyberLynk the ability to control network traffic more extensively. In addition, it will provide Gurnee, IL customers with an increase in their network performance as well as it affords them one of the most reliable business Internet connections in the area.”

If you have any questions regarding CyberLynks upgrade, please contact their customer service or technical support department during normal business hours. If you are a customer serviced from CyberLynks Gurnee, IL location and have not experienced an increase in performance as a result of the upgrade, please contact CyberLynk. Their technical support department can be reached via email at support@cyberlynk.net.