Racine – Friday May 19, 2000 – CyberLynk Network, Inc. announced today that the Racine Rotary Post-Prom will be broadcast live on the Internet!

CyberLynk Network, Inc. of Racine has installed a webcam at Festival Hall in Racine and will be broadcasting Festival Hall events live over the Internet. The first event to be webcast will be the Racine Rotary Post-Prom on May 20 from 9PM – 3AM. This will add another dimension to an already very unique event. It is believed that Racine is the only community of its size to hold this type of event where all of the city’s High Schools combine for one large Post-Prom in a central location. The webcam will allow friends and relatives in Racine and throughout the world the ability to view the event as it happens. The webcam will provide live images of the event. The camera continually updates the images. Viewers of the webcast will receive updates at a pace dependent on their Internet access speed. The faster the connection, the more often the images will update. A typical modem connection will update the image once every 5 to 10 seconds. A higher speed ISDN, DSL or T1 connection will update 10 frames every second.

The Website address for the webcam is webcam.cyberlynk.net.


Racine Journal Times Article