Emergency Based Services:

  • Colocation / Server Down
  • High CPU Usage
  • Server Not Online
  • Abuse Investigations
  • General Service Outages
  • Remote Hands Needed
  • High Latency
  • Loss of Connectivity

Support Features:

  • 10-20 Minute Response (email or phone)
  • Remote Hand Fee May Apply
  • Priority Escalations

CyberLynk VIP Support – Priority Response

CyberLynk values every customer but from time to time our customers require faster responses.

Standard CyberLynk support includes phone support between the hours of 8AM-5PM CST, Monday through Friday and email support is 24x7x365. CyberLynk has a smaller than normal staff after hours and on the weekends. This is usually when customers would opt to use our VIP Support option since our engineers working the 2nd and 3rd shifts are handling datacenter buildouts, maintenance and working on resolving any service interruptions that might occur during those hours. Due to their varying work load from 5PM-8AM CST, responses can sometimes be delayed.

CyberLynk has developed this special method for reaching a CyberLynk engineer that can respond to your support concern within 10-20 minutes of receiving your ticket. This support option is reserved for emergency situations only (eg: your colocation / server is completely down, high latency, etc). If your concern is NOT an emergency then we suggest that you simply email support@cyberlynk.net and a support ticket will be opened.

To open a VIP Support ticket please send an email to support@cyberlynkvip.net and please include detailed information regarding your support concerns.

Your email should include but is NOT limited to the following:

  • Account ID (Name)
  • Your Contact Information
  • Domain, server, login, or E-mail address which is affected
  • A description of the problem or condition
  • Trace route from your location to server/firewall
  • Your IP address (Visit www.MyNetworkHelpdesk.com)
  • SSH Password
  • Administrator Username/Password for Server
  • IP Address of Server/Device Affected
  • If Colocation: Device Label/Name/Location
  • Screenshot of Error Message

If you have any concerns regarding this policy please contact us via phone at 1-800-862-5965 or email at sales@cyberlynk.net.

CyberLynk Online Client Portal

CyberLynk’s client portal allows you to see your active services, manage your account, open/respond to support tickets and view/pay invoices.