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CyberLynk Family

The CyberLynk Family of Companies

CyberLynk has built a family of companies through acquisitions and services that have grown into their own brand over the years. CyberLynk offers so many services through our own datacenter that it is not practical to have all the information under the website. Through our various websites you will easily find information related to the specific service that you are interested in learning more about. Please keep in mind that anything Internet related CyberLynk can do. For more information please contact us directly. – Website & Email Hosting Services

Whether you need to host your website on Linux or Windows servers has a solution and package for you. Offering Windows Website & Email hosting, Linux Website & Email hosting, Xen & OpenVZ VPS servers, dedicated servers, domain names and SSL certificates. Umbra Hosting also offers Windows and Linux reseller packages. Whatever your hosting needs look like, Umbra Hosting is the only provider you will ever need. – Spam & Virus Filtering Server

With service offerings for Small/Medium Businesses, Large/Enterprise Businesses and Reseller options we have the ability to maintain a competitive edge and consistently meet the unique requirements of our clients. Our web based control panel gives you total control over your spam filtering. At the domain level you can apply whitelists or blacklists to a specific email address or to an entire domain. Stop the spam today! – Colocation & DataCenter Services

Tired of renting dedicated servers? Clients not able to get to your servers because your Internet connection is down? CyberLynk owns and maintains our own datacenter and our pricing is straight forward. We will not nickel and dime you to death. Free remote hands and Cross Connects are included with every colocation package for free. With standard 1U, 12U, 24U and 48U (Full Cabinet) packages, additional power and bandwidth options and the ability to provide customized colocation solutions Milwaukee Colo can handle all your needs. CyberLynk employ’s highly skilled Linux, Windows and networking engineers to provide support if you need remote assistance or hands on help. – Mac Mini Colocation Services

CyberLynk is able to offer specialty services because we own our own data center and the resources we have. Mac Mini Vault is one of our specialty services where we take the cost and power efficient Mac mini and colocate them in specially engineered cabinets. We can fit up to 140 Mac Minis in a single cabinet. The cost savings in power consumption and rack space is passed along to the customer with colocation costs starting at $29.99 per month. Just because the name says ‘mini’ doesn’t mean you have a weak machine trying to be a server. The latest Mac Mini Server is equipped with a Quad-Core Intel Core i7 CPU and can be upgraded to 16GB of RAM. Our packages include many extras like Remote Reboot, Network Graphing, and 3rd party Software tools at no additional cost. Our expert staff is here to help you along the way to using a Mac Mini to run OS X, Windows, or Linux to achieve your goals and reducing your monthly costs. – Hosted Gaming Services

The online gaming community is growing and CyberLynk had the opportunity to acquire a Minecraft Hosting company in 2010 and was started. All the game hosting servers are hosted in CyberLynk’s datacenter. Whether you are just getting into online gaming or you are looking for new games to play provides a quality service on quality servers. Offering Basic, Premium and Dedicated Server packages you are certain to find a package that fits your needs. – FTP & File Sharing Services

Unlike many FTP hosting providers, we manage our own servers and network, with our racks located in our own suite within a dedicated facility in Milwaukee, WI, enabling us to precisely manage our FTP hosting service to our own specifications. With a web based control panel you are able to manage every aspect of the FTP site from adding/modifying/deleting users, disabling/enabling account, quotas, expiration dates and much more. offers multiple packages to get you started along with packages that allow for unlimited usernames. If you prefer a dedicated FTP server to host your FTP site please visit our website for more information. – FreePBX Hosting Services is the ONLY FreePBX hosting provider approved by SchmoozeCom! is run by CyberLynk and SchmoozeCom through a very close knit partnership. CyberLynk maintains the server hardware, basic technical support, billing, upgrades/downgrades and basic account management. SchmoozeCom provides direct support for all FreePBX questions. Our FreePBX VPS’s are provisioned within minutes of your order regardless of which datacenter you select. FreePBX dedicated servers are normally provisioned within 24 hours of your order. FreePBX High Availability (HA) solutions are normally provisioned with 24-72 hours depending on complexity.