File Sharing Features:

  • Web Based Control Panel
  • Drag & Drop for Uploading/Downloading
  • HIPAA Compliant
  • Unlimited Bandwidth – No Overage Fee’s
  • Storage Packages – 500MB to 2TB
  • Secure Storage – 128- Bit Encryption
  • Free Phone & Email Support


CyberLynk’s FTP hosting service is perfect for those businesses who want to share software, photos, drawings, and large files with clients and vendors. Sharing files via FTP is more efficient than by email and file size limitations are virtually eliminated. Your company will become more efficient and productive with CyberLynk’s FTP service.

What kind of business should be using FTP Hosting for sharing files? Any business that needs to share files with employees, vendors and/or clients. Using your email to distribute files is difficult when your dealing with larges file sizes or multiple files. In todays world many companies have restrictions on email where they block based on file sizes and how many files are attached to an email.

Below are a few specific examples:

  • Transcriptionists: Our FTP Hosting is fully HIPAA Compliant and can be automated with certain types of digital recorders.
  • Architects: Transferring large blueprints or print ready graphic files via email is a common problem for architects. Never have that issue again with FTP Hosting.
  • Printers: With FTP Hosting customers can upload the artwork to the secure FTP Hosting site and the printer can download the files for printing. This avoids having to email the large artwork files via email.

CyberLynk’s FTP control panel will allow you to map directories, assign permissions, add/delete/modify accounts and also upgrade your FTP package at any time. The control panel is a simple interface that gives you full control to manage every aspect of your account.

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FTPhosting is part of the Family of Technology Companies that CyberLynk has built. The FTPhosting brand is wholly owned and supported by CyberLynk.