Contact Information

For more information on any of our services, please contact us at:

CyberLynk Network, Inc.
10125 S. 52nd Street
Franklin, WI 53132

414.858.9335 voice
414.858.9336 fax

PLEASE NOTE: Cyberlynk uses a trouble ticketing system to handle the resolution of issues pertaining to customer service requests. It is important that you include complete information with your support E-mails including:

  • Account ID (Name)
  • Domain, server, login, or E-mail address which is affected
  • A description of the problem or condition

For support, please use the following e-mail addresses for their defined purpose only – and please do not cross post your e-mail to departments other than those specified here.

  • DNS Issues: Anything to do with DNS including domain name registration, changes in IP addressing, forward and reverse mapping of your domain, etc. We can only make changes to domains and IP space that we have control of – if your inquiry is for a zone outside of our control, we can only answer questions – we cannot initiate changes.
  • Network: Abuse Including SPAM, denial of service, harassment, etc. originating from within our network. Include your E-mail address, daytime phone number, and complete information on the offense being reported.
  • Network Operations: Anything to do with our network or your connection to our network. This includes your leased line trouble reports, service questions, routing issues, etc.
  • Tech Support: Anything to do with accessing your dial-up, web site configuration issues, mail server management or mailbox creation, and client software configuration.
  • Billing: Anything to do with accessing your client portal, termination, invoice error, updating credit card info, add additional contacts to your account, to make a payment or updating your billing information.