In 2015 CyberLynk celebrates its 20th Anniversary. From a small local Dialup Internet Provider in Racine, Wisconsin in 1995 to a large hosted application provider with multiple datacenters twenty years later CyberLynk is well positioned to celebrate its 40th anniversary in 2035. With several acquisitions over the years there are many hosting brands that make up the CyberLynk Family of companies.

CyberLynk has a team of highly skilled engineers that help to maintain hundreds of Linux and Windows servers across multiple brands within the CyberLynk Family of companies. Whether you need dedicated servers, Spam/Virus Filtering, offsite Data Backup, Website/Email Hosting, colocation, unmanaged hosted phone systems, completely managed hosted phone systems or website design; CyberLynk can make it happen.

CyberLynk is home to numerous hosting solutions for any type of business or reseller. How successful CyberLynk has been over the years is a testament to not only the latest solutions CyberLynk has created and implemented but also to the outstanding customer service our company is known for providing. Give us a call (1-800-862-5965) today and talk to our experienced IT representatives to answer any questions or go into more detail about many solutions CyberLynk has to offer.