After 20 years of providing Dialup Internet service CyberLynk will be discontinuing all Dialup and ISDN Internet services as of March 1st, 2015. CyberLynk started in Racine Wisconsin back in 1995 providing Dialup and ISDN services. With today’s broadband Internet needs growing we have seen a decline in our Dialup and ISDN customers over the past several years.

CyberLynk Dialup customers are encouraged to make arrangements with a broadband Internet service provider prior to March 1st, 2015. CyberLynk is also offering free consulting services to existing dialup customers that need help migrating to a broadband Internet connection. Customers should contact Time Warner Cable or ATT for more information on a broadband Internet connection package.

CyberLynk understands this decision will impact our business customers who use our Dialup and ISDN services frequently. CyberLynk has sent official notifications with additional information to those customers affected by these changes.

For information about Internet service providers, both high-speed and dial-up, please email for more information. If you have any comments, questions or concerns about this change, contact CyberLynk at or by calling 1-800-862-5965.

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