Today @Link informed CyberLynk that they would no longer be able to provide wholesale DSL service to CyberLynk customers. @Link owns and maintains the [CLEC] Broadband network in Wisconsin and Illinois which CyberLynk uses to provide business DSL services through.

@Link has unsuccessfully tried to stave off creditors by filing for reorganization. Today they have decided to liquidate their assets and put things in the hands of their creditors. @Link is most likely gone for good, and CyberLynk will attempt to locate a new wholesale provider for DSL. This may be difficult as many National DSL providers are in the same financial situation – as it looks today, only the telephone companies will be able to absorb the losses associated with providing DSL service.

We will keep our customers informed, and in the meantime we encourage our now displaced DSL customers to choose an alternate connection as work this out on a case-by-case basis. Many customers have already switched to ISDN or simple dialup service as we work on a new solution for our customers.