The new fiber has been spliced and terminated – and as of 10/22 the fiber is finally lit! Testing is just about complete. We expect to have it turned over to us sometime early next week (10/29) at which time we will start moving into our new Datacenter, and changing over circuits and moving our existing customers to the new fiber. This will be the start of noticeable speed improvements as we connect our Wisconsin network to our Illinois network over new DS3 circuits.

As it becomes necessary switch over portions of our network, and customer circuits, we will provide plenty of advance warning of any expected service outages. As it looks today, most of our customers will never experience an outage. Please keep in mind that we have maintenance windows during which server or network service may be interrupted without warning – Saturday morning (midnight – 4:00am) for Network maintenance and Sunday morning (midnight – 4:00am) for Server maintenance.

As mentioned before, the order for our fiber has been in place since last year at this time.