384K x 384K SDSL Residential Internet connection for only $130/month and $200 installation and setup!

Good through November only!

STOP! If you have been looking for a faster Internet connection read this!!!

What do you do when your dial-up connection just isn’t fast enough? Have you considered ISDN? If so, take a look at this offer…

ISDN costs for an ‘on-demand’ 128Kbps connection:

$150.00 Ameritech ISDN line installation
$250.00 ISDN Modem or router
$400.00 Total Equipment, installation & setup

$ 45.00 Monthly Ameritech ISDN charge
$ 59.00 Monthly CyberLynk Unlimited ISDN charge
$104.00 Total Monthly expense

SDSL costs for a ‘dedicated’ – full-time (24×7) 384Kbps connection:

$200.00 SDSL Installation and setup special

$130.00 Total Monthly expense (billed by CyberLynk)

Up to $400 discount on the installation of other Business and Residential xDSL service – call our office today!

CyberLynk xDSL service includes the DSL circuit, DSL Modem, Unlimited Internet service, Unlimited E-mail – including Unlimited mailboxes, News server access with 40,000+ newsgroups, 10Mb personal web space, [public or non-public] IP Addresses as needed, and 1 dial-up account (just incase).

Service area: CyberLynk xDSL service is available throughout Northeastern Illinois, Southeastern Wisconsin and select areas throughout the state of Wisconsin including Appleton, Greenbay, Madison and other areas. Contact us to see if service is available in your area.

Restrictions: This offer is limited to residential service only – service must terminate at a residential building! Customers will need a Network Interface Card (NIC) installed in their computer and will need to be running Windows 95/98/NT or MAC OS 7.5 or greater. Service area has distance limitations and all customer locations must be pre-qualified – we can do this quickly on-line.

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Call us today for more information or to pre-qualify your location. Or send us E- mail to DSLsales@cyberlynk.net with the following information:

City, State Zip
Phone number with area code
E-mail address

We will qualify this location and contact you with more information.