We are almost finished with this phase of our network upgrade. Tonight, Thursday 12/6 we will move all of our Wisconsin V.90 dialup and ISDN dialup service to our new Datacenter. This is tentatively planed for 7:30pm. This is the only time that we can get all of the Telco’s together and move everything at once.
This will mean an interruption in service for all Wisconsin dialup and ISDN customers from 7:00pm to approximately 8:00pm. Assuming everything goes as planed, the actually interruption should be no more than 20 minutes or so.

Please bear with us as we complete this phase of our upgrade. We have moved all internal network connections and all Racine T1 customer connections to the new network as of last week. The dialup and ISDN dialup service move is the only portion of our upgrade that will inconvenience our customers for an extended period of time. Unfortunately there is no way to ‘hot swap’ equipment here – we have to physically move the access switch and several servers from the old location to the new Datacenter.

If you have any questions regarding this upgrade or the service outage that will accompany it, please contact our Customer Service or Tech Support departments during normal business hours. Also, if you have not, or in the case of the dialup move – do not experience an increase in performance, please contact tech support at support@cyberlynk.net.