The Wisconsin Department of Tourism has announced the deployment of their first “FREE” public “Wi-Fi” Internet Hotspot. The rest area hosting the Hotspot is situated on the east side of Interstate 94 (exit 347) in Kenosha County and is accessible from both directions.

The implementation of a “Wi-Fi” Hotspot is see as a progressive move by the Wisconsin Department of Tourism and will be popular with tech-friendly tourists. They will now be able to access their email and surf the web while on vacation or just passing through the State.

This unique “Wi-Fi” project is a joint effort between the Wisconsin Department of Tourism and CyberLynk, a local Internet service provider. The system receives connectivity via a high-speed microwave link provided by CyberLynk. Best of all, the service is provided “Free-of-charge” to visitors and no tax dollars were involved.

The “Wi-Fi” technology works a lot like a wireless phone. Any computer or hand-held device that has wireless technology (802.11b enabled) and is within range of the “Wi-Fi” Hotspot can access it. The service boasts speeds of 1000K, which is roughly 35 times faster than a typical dialup Internet connection.