We know it’s our job, but we really do like talking about web hosting. It’s an industry that’s near and dear to our hearts, and one of the reasons why is because we have a real chance to help better the Internet.

We will be covering two of the most impressively quick ways with which you can improve the functionality of your web hosting services. Yes, from the ground up both of these platforms are built to increase the productivity and usability of just about every aspect of your hosting, and if you’re not using them already, you have been doing things the hard way.

If you’re not aware yet, we’re talking about cPanel and Softaculous which run on the Linux hosting server platform. Both are excellent utilities that will help you manage the sometimes complicated tasks of managing email accounts, changing passwords, updating your website, installing applications on your website and much more. Both control panels come with a host of benefits to the email administrator, website designer and domain administrator.

What is cPanel and Softaculous?

First out of the box, it’s worth blanketing both with this statement: Both software suites are designed to make it easy to manage your server-side operations without having to know much about accessing any SSH terminals or complicated installer codes. In fact, both work at a very deep level to provide the end-user with a lot of competency, but without introducing them to anything that they can readily become difficult. However, both platforms offer quite a bit different in terms of use, so here’s a closer look.

cPanel – Web Hosting Control Panel

cPanel is essentially a control panel for your server space, allowing you to quickly and efficiently make modifications and improvements without needing to consult a local Linux geek to get the job done. The platform ties directly into the inner workings of the server itself, and allows the user to create new commands to improve the inner workings through a beautifully simple and gorgeous user interface.

For instance, cPanel makes it quick and efficient to do such things as remove email accounts, setup auto responders, add a database, change the look of your site, view Google analytics data, and so on and so forth. Before the invention of cPanel, we had to use a lot of terminal time to do the same amount of stuff, and no matter if you’re a newbie or veteran, we guarantee that cPanel will have something to add to your workflow.

Softaculous – Auto Script Installer

Softaculous allows you to do the same but with a pretty huge twist: You’ll not be doing things to your account so much as you will to your server space. You see, Softaculous is a tool with which you can quickly and instantly install upwards of 256 scripts and applications.

Yes, you heard us right. Using Softaculous you can, with a single one-click button install such popular tools as WordPress, Joomla, Gallery, OScommerce, and so on and so forth. Basically, this means that you need not know a thing about programming to fully enhance the working functionally of your site.

Included with Every Package

The great thing about having both included with your hosting package is that they work amazingly well together. You can use Softaculous to install such an item as WordPress, while cPanel makes it even simpler to manage the subsequent database.

All in all, both platforms are a brilliant way to increase end-user satisfaction, improve performance, and raise the roof on your hosting experience.