Ever wonder what is greeting your customers when they call in? Do you even know where your phone system is located? Who can program it? What happens if it fails and how long will it take you to recover? Most businesses take their phone system for granted and are tired of the costly repairs and constant upgrades. With all this talk about cloud hosting and infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) why not consider a HostedPBX system with VOIP that is operated from a secure datacenter.

Discussed below are a few of the things to consider when going to a HostedPBX system with VOIP:

No Proprietary Equipment

Unlike Toshiba, Nortel and all the other traditional phone system vendors where you are locked into using their hardware, software and paying a certified dealer to install and configure everything the HostedPBX solution is simple to install. Industry standard IP phones are used and are configured to your needs, tested and then shipped to you. Then you simply plug the phone into your network and it automatically connects to the HostedPBX for service.

All IP Based

Like everything else in the world today the HostedPBX is completely IP based, which means you’ll be getting the quickest and most reliable service on the planet. Your IP phones can be plugged into any Internet connection and they will instantly connect back to your HostedPBX in our datacenter for service. This is perfect for businesses with multiple offices that want every employee to be on the same phone system.

It’s Your Phone

Furthermore, you own the phones that you purchase through the company. You’re not leasing out the equipment, and you’ll never need to return it to CyberLynk. In fact, you’ll never even need to purchase expensive hardware sets to go along with the phones. Buy it once, and you’re good to go—for life. There are several models that allow you to smart small for general employee’s and purchase high end models for management or power users.

Configuration As You Need It

Another plus is the fact that CyberLynk will perform PBX upgrades and change requests on a monthly basis for you, free of charge. All of these implementations are included in your monthly rate, which means you’ll never have to worry about being overcharged for modifications that you need. CyberLynk will work with you to configure your phones and PBX to meet your specifications upon ordering the HostedPBX system.

Less Mess

Tired of dealing with POTS lines and PRI’s? CyberLynk’s HostedPBX service run completely on SIP trunks, which make for simpler, more efficient and cleaner incoming and outgoing calls. And as we always say, less really is more! Never have to worry about phone closet wiring again.

Unlimited Local and Long Distance

Tired of local and long distance charges? CyberLynk offers unlimited local and long distance calling. You’ll never again have to worry about the charges you’re incurring for calling your business partner. International calls not unlimited at this time.

Features Upon Features

And lastly, you’ll get more features than you ever could have hoped for with your HostedPBX solution. For instance, you’ll get voicemail to email capability, auto attendants/IVR’s, e911, caller ID and so much more.

So no matter what you’re looking to obtain out of your next phone service provider, you really should give CyberLynk the proper looking over that it deserves. They’ve got sole hardware, excellent pricing, and unmatched services.