Many of the businesses that CyberLynk deals with on a daily basis wonder how colocation can help reduce operating expenses and increase server uptime. Businesses that host servers within their office for email, websites, customer accessed applications and anything where users from the public Internet would be accessing are good candidates for colocation.

Many businesses are not aware that hosting applications onsite could actually be hurting your business. The biggest bottle neck is the Internet connection to your office and power reliability. The slow download and upload speeds of your Internet connection greatly affect how many customers can access your servers and network at one time. What happens when that one Internet connection goes down? Do you have a redundant Internet connection that takes over? Or when the power goes out? You probably have a UPS (battery backup) in place but what happens when the power is out longer then the battery will power the servers and networking equipment?

Stable Environment

CyberLynk’s Milwaukee Datacenter provides constant UPS battery power to your servers and failover generator power to ensure that your servers are always connected to the Internet. The datacenter has multiple large Internet connections that are fully redundant and if one connection has a problem the other automatically take over. The state of the art fire suppression system will ensure that your data and equipment is protected.

Physical Security and Location

The main datacenter is located in a secure and remote area just outside Milwaukee, Wisconsin. This geographical placement already increases their security measures since tornadoes, hurricanes, flooding and earthquakes are not common events. From there, a state of the art security system to safeguard your equipment is used with key fob access and IP based Security Camera System. All of the fiber into the datacenter has multiple paths into the building and surrounding area so a single construction truck cannot take out the Internet service. The datacenter is an actual building within our main building that has been built with steel I-beams and decking.

Overwhelmed IT Staff

If you’re looking to remove some of the pressure your IT staff, you might want to consider using CyberLynk engineers. They are onsite to help with any problems you might encounter while your servers are collocated in the datacenter. Offering free remote hands to handle the little things you will not be nickeled and dimmed to death nor will you need to send one of your employee’s over to the datacenter for every issue you might encounter.

Colocation Cabinet Options

Colocation comes with a full roster of cabinet options and custom quotes can be generated for your specific needs. Whether you’re looking for 1U, 2U, 24U (half cabinet) or 48U (full cabinet) solutions or if you have a tower server accommodations can be made. Best of all, the entire rig is maintained and operated by CyberLynk engineers. Include with all our colocation options is a PDU (power distribution unit) running 208 volt, you’ll essentially never again need to stress out over the small details of your colocation needs.

No matter what your datacenter needs are CyberLynk can help you compare apples to apples when choosing a colocation service. With the quality pricing, support, packaging and services that and CyberLynk offer your decision will be very simple.