One of the things we like to talk most about—specifically within the realm of web hosting, is reseller hosting. It is certainly one of the coolest and newest industries to appear on the horizon pretty much since the Internet began, and if you’re looking for a way to get your foot into the door, there’s no better way to do it.

However, when’s the last time that you thought about becoming a spam and anti-virus reseller? Have you ever even heard of adding on spam filtering to your list of option services, or even selling it outright to your own customers?

It’s a process that’s not far off from what you’re used to, if you’re already a web hosting reseller. You can easily add it onto your existing feature sets, or start offering outright as a new business. Either way, there’s no one we recommend more to get you started than

As a Spam & Virus Filtering Reseller of you will receive:

Free Company Branding

With AgentSpam, you’ll have a full set of opportunities to brand the web interface with your logo/name custom administration URL, custom filtering server URL’s and web interface color preferences.

Your clients will not even know where your filtering services are provided by — unless you clue them in, that is.

It’s All Web Based Administration

One of the other benefits to using AgentSpam is that all of your management tools and utilities are kept online. There’s no need to fuss about with complicated server side tools or desktop appliances. Everything you need to aptly and efficiently manage your new business is kept right at home on your own online reseller control panel. This includes modifying, adding and removing customers and maintaining whitelists and blacklists.

High Profit Margins

Another reason to become an anti-virus reseller just makes money sense—it’s not that expensive, especially with You see, for as little as $1.30 a domain per month, you can become a reseller and adding your existing services with quality features that your customers will love, and without adding too much strain to your wallet.

You also have complete freedom to set the end-user price. Sure, you can label it off at something rock bottom or you can choose to make a pretty penny off each new sale. The recommended price tag for your end user is only $25, which puts you at $23 profit per month for adding quality services to your roster. And that’s a good deal to us!

It’s as easy as it can be, and in the end, you’ll be making a whole lot of money to take straight to the bank—guaranteed.

Easy Administration

CyberLynk maintains a large load balanced server cluster to ensure that filtering services are always up and available. As the reseller you will never have to worry about hardware for the filtering services and can focus on growing your customer base. You are responsible for adding your customers via our web based portal, supporting your customers and billing the customer, and that’s it. There’s no need to think about the hardware or the servers, freeing you up from a lot of stress and ensuring that you’re always in the clear. As the reseller you can even create a domain administrator so your customer can log into your branded and administer the global settings for their domain. If needed you can allow the domain administrator to allow end users to log into the branded portal and maintain filtering settings at the end user level.

Combined with everything else that we’ve already mentioned, it hardly makes sense not to add anti-virus reselling to your services: AgentSpam is a golden opportunity, and you’re ready for it!