CyberLynk is dedicated to ensuring that its service is used in a manner that is consistent with the policies set forth in the Terms of Service Agreement and Acceptable Use Policy.

In order to properly investigate a report of abuse, certain elements are required. Below is a description of what CyberLynk Security and Abuse needs in order to process your report.

If the incident that was the basis of the complaint was not sent by a CyberLynk customer, or someone using the CyberLynk system, or is not related to the CyberLynk system or content maintained by CyberLynk, then CyberLynk is not the proper entity to contact, as we are not in a position to take any action.

Reporting E-mail Abuse

For complaints about e-mail incidents from CyberLynk customers, e-mail should be sent to If you are reporting an e-mail incident, it is important that you forward the e-mail in question (or one example e-mail) and include the full e-mail headers, logs, or other pertinent information in plain text in the body of your e-mail (not as attachments). If the full headers of the e-mail are not included, we will be unable to discern where the e-mail originated, and thus will be unable to assist you with the matter.