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Monthly archive for September 2003

Guidance to getting value from your IT consultant

Introduction Many small to medium-sized businesses employ consultants to help them manage their company’s networks and other information infrastructure. Ideally, bringing in a consultant can be a great way to buy high-value services on an ala carte basis. You pay only for what you need when you

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CyberLynk Launches “” Nationwide Service

On September 20, 2003 CyberLynk took a drastic move and launched its Toll-free dialup Internet service to a national audience. The new Toll-free dialup service permits customers to use a single toll-free (800) number to access the Internet, anywhere in the United States. It eliminates the need

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Spam and Virus Filtering Service

Introduction The purpose of this document is to discuss CyberLynk’s spam and virus Filtering Service as a viable option in addressing the security concerns related to spam email and viruses. Since spam email and virus infections continue to be on the increase, the obvious question that begs

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